Hola! People + Places

Joaquin Torres GarciaWhen I was growing up, my Colombian parents read Hola!, a Spanish magazine with a focus on the luxurious whereabouts of the royalty, as if they were fairy tales. Years later, when the opportunity to write and edit travel for the U.S. version of Hola! came up, I tried to capture that child-like feeling of inspiration, wonder and amazement with a little twist. In Pasaporte/ Passport, the travel section, we share the lives and preferences of trendsetters with the intention of  breaking stereotypes (specially but not exclusively about Hispanic population) and celebrating collaboration. Our stories are insiders’ guides with a profile in the mix. We go to places and interview fashion icons, stellar chefs, and celebrities that have a special connection to them. These are a few of my favorites:  Paulina Matos’ Guadalajara (SP/EN),  Inés de la Fressange’s Paris (SP/EN), Mercedes Salazar’s Bogota (SP/EN), Aaron Diaz’ San Miguel de Allende (SP/EN).